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Phone: 609.709.5934


Causeway Home Watch performs a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues that can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis: (*Checklist and photos included with each and every inspection performed)
Emergency services 24 hour coverage upon request by homeowner.

*New Service:  Rental turnover visual inspections to make sure home is prepared for following weeks occupants.

Interior Inspections:

  1. Check all doors and window locks for security purposes or signs of human intrusion.
  2. Check temperature settings of home and adjust if necessary.
  3. Check electrical panel for tripped circuit breakers
  4. Inspect all pipes, faucets and under sinks for leakage / frozen pipes.
  5. Check all lights switches for proper operation.
  6. Inspect hot water heater for leaks and make sure heating source is operating.
  7. Check / report any gas leaks
  8. Rodent and pest visual inspection
  9. Check for water damage high and low including attic if applicable.
  10. Check all utilities for proper functioning.
  11. Confirm contractors have completed assigned tasks.
  12. Be present for deliveries 0r contractors if needed.
  13. Make sure furnace is firing.
  14. Inspect toilet seals for leakage.

Exterior / Grounds Inspections:

  1. Check all windows and screens for damage.
  2. Make sure AC unit is working properly.
  3. Check outdoor shower pipes, furniture and grill.
  4. Make sure trash cans are properly stored / secure.
  5. Confirm contractor completion of work.
  6. Check for rodent and pest intrusion.
  7. Inspect shutters, storm shutters and siding for damage.
  8. Assist in preparing for storm surges and inclement weather.
  9. Inspect garage doors for proper functionality.
  10. Roof and gutter visual inspection for damage.
  11. Proper storage of outdoor furniture.
  12. Visual inspection of jacuzzi if applicable.
  13. Recommend contractor services to prevent further and costly damages.
  14. Help prepare the home for season opening
  15. Make sure down spouts are clear


*In addition, will inspect any reasonable requests of the homeowner within contract guidelines.